Chris Marsh - Technical & Operations Director

With 45 years in the automotive industry there is barely a make of car that Chris hasn’t repaired, rebuilt or raced. As scion of the Marcos marque, Chris has an outstanding track record of technical excellence as engineer & mechanic, race team principle, supercar manufacturing and he’s a pretty fast race driver too. For more about his colourful life in automotive, Click Here. Chris is in charge of all aspects of the technical and racing side of CMR. Outside cars, Chris loves rugby (particularly Bath), cycling and restoring old houses, as well as their dogs and the countryside.

Sarah Milne - Managing Director

Sarah first sat next to Chris at Bath Rugby over 6 years ago, had never heard of Marcos and had absolutely no interest in cars or classic cars! This all changed at Le Mans Classic 2018 where she was won over by thrill of classic racing. She brings 20 years experience in the international upstream oil and gas industry with BP and Total amongst others. Sarah is in charge of the business and non-racing/technical aspects of CMR. With extensive experience in the equestrian world she brings a fresh perspective to classic cars. Sarah loves rugby, their dogs, her horse, and if you are lucky she will have been baking when you visit the CMR stables.

Charles de Lacretelle - Euro-Link & Logistics

Charly is a passionate friend of Marcos, having been involved with the Marsh family since the early 90s. He is an expert in logistics, supply chain and transportation. Charly acted as Team Principal at the Le Mans Classic in 2018 where he was also gripped by the bug that is classic car racing. Charly is establishing a sister company in France, and will provide CMR with expert advice on logistics, and all matters European! CMR welcomes Owners and Drivers from Europe, and Charly will manage all aspects of the interface sur le Continent)

Lyn Marsh - Advisory Board Chair

As an experienced racing driver in her own right, Lyn is veritably the doyenne of Marcos! She is very well known around the classic car circuit, both as a driver in her own right, and with having been married to Jem Marsh for some 25 years. She has stayed intimately involved with Marcos since Jem’s passing in 2014. We hope that Lyn will be a regular attendee to the races with CMR, and she will be a regular at the CMR stable – with many a tale with which to regale todays crop of drivers and owners.


Charlotte-Pickard - (Strength & Conditioning coach)​

Charlotte is a massively experienced personal trainer who will work with our drivers to ensure that they have tailored regimes to ensure they are as well prepared as their cars before the green lights!

Stan Mavridris

Stan is a highly qualified and experienced Sports massage/Soft Tissue Therapist based in Bradford on Avon, UK. His qualifications and certifications include CORE Myofascial Therapy and Structural Integration, Advanced Sports Massage, Active Isolated Stretching (A.I.S.), Neuromuscular Therapy and Kinesio Taping and Soft Tissue Release (STR). He also holds a BSc. in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Stan is probably one of the best sports massage therapists in the world. His list of clients has an extensive list of Olympic medal winners in a range of sports from Paralympian track and field athletes to the GB Olympic bobsleigh team! Stan will be a regular at the race track and although you may curse him mid-session, your muscles will thank you for his magic hands.

Jump in, buckle up and enjoy the ride!