Vehicle Check & Certification
vehicle check

Vehicle Check & Certification

A vehicle inspection from Chris Marsh Classics can help identify any hidden problems you may not be aware of which could lead to costly repairs or an unfortunate break down.   For a fixed price we will give your car a once over for a thorough review, and provide a Chris Marsh Classics Certificate of Approval.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy a classic used car, it’s important you know that it’s mechanically and structurally sound before parting with your cash & Chris Marsh Classics can give you that peace of mind.

For Marcos owners – you will receive a Marsh Family certificate of authentication proving that the status of your car has been authenticated by a member of the family that made it in the first place.

Fixed rate of £175, with no VAT ***SPECIAL OFFER FOR 2019***

If you pay for the vehicle check and we do find issues, you will receive £100 credit against any work subsequently undertaken by Chris Marsh Classics.

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